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Evangelistic Ministry
Is committed to going into the community to evangelize the lost, disciple believers, minister to the needy, feed the hungry and empower the oppressed.  The members pray for hurt and broken individuals.


 Love Support Ministry
Biblical ministry for those who seek recovery from the following: anger, alcohol, caffeine, depression, drugs, nicotine, physical abuse, prescription, sexuality, verbal abuse and violence.


Heart To Heart Ministry (Female Mentoring)
This ministry focuses on bridging the gap between our women of all age levels, young and old through various forms of fellowship and activities.  This ministry is to help develop girls into the strong Christian women God has called them to be.  This ministry also is one of friendship, fellowship, love, support, and guidance to develop, continue and enhance a lasting Christian relationship among our adult women.


Prince To King Ministry (Male Mentoring)
This ministry is focuses on bridging the gap between our men of all age levels, young and old.  This ministry works to re-unite fathers and sons together in Christian Love.  This ministry is one that embraces young men at the crucial age to find themselves and expose them to who they are in Christ, so that they will understand how to become a productive Christian man and citizen.


Prayer Warriors for Christ Ministry
Is a ministry that prays for specific needs of all who request prayer.  This ministry focuses on bringing together new and mature members together to pray.  The coming together of the members results in “prayer partnering”.  Those members pray for the sick, dying, community needs, community leadership.  These members pray continuously for the Pastor and his vision for the Church and our lives. 


Youth Ministry
The youth ministry focuses solely on the youth of the church and community.  There are various bible-training sessions, community volunteering, and fellowship activities such as bowling, skating, and sporting events etc… The focus is to groom the youth into becoming solid community citizens who respect authority and be faithful Christians.


Senior Ministry
This ministry focuses on the senior Christians of the church.  The members travel to various educational activities, support community causes, volunteer and support church causes.


Missionary Ministry
This ministry provides knowledge, monetary resources, and personal support to the less fortunate persons of the community and congregation.


Usher Ministry Adult/Youth
The purpose and function of the Ushers' Ministry is to meet, greet and seat the parishioners as they enter the sanctuary. The Usher's Ministry is an extension of God's hands to the people. The Ministry of Ushering is a personal representation of Jesus Christ who meets people on a person-to-person basis when they first arrive at the Revelation Baptist Church. The ushers serve as watchmen, servants, disciplinarians and host, just to name a few.


Music/Choir Ministry
There are several choirs/chorus ministries that provide musical support for and during all church services.  To purpose of this ministry is to prepare the fellowship for worship through song.  


Praise Dance/Mime/ Ministries
Exalts the name of the Lord through artistic movement and express our worship, praise and adoration of Jesus Christ.


Nursing Home Ministry
This is a serving and caring ministry that visits community nursing homes and render church services for our facility residences. The focus of this ministry is to share God’s Holy Word, fellowship, extend the love of Christ, worship and praise the Lord with facility residents. 


Jail Ministry
This ministry provides a Christ-Centered approach by sharing the love of God through evangelism to the incarcerated in local correctional facilities.


Greeters Ministry
The function of the Greeters' Ministry is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to the staff, members and guests of the Revelation Baptist Church by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all on Sunday mornings and during other Church related occasions.


Deacon Ministry
The Deacon's Ministry provides service to the congregation.  The Deacon’s Ministry supports the Pastor and the vision of the ministry, provides spiritual insight to the congregation, and participates in other ministries and special events or functions the church presents. They serve as armor bearers.


Trustee Ministry
The Trustee ministry provides services to the congregation through maintaining the Church’s physical operations, physical structure, vehicles, equipment, and fiscal matters. 


New Members Committee
This ministry is one that nurtures, embrace, and welcomes the new members that join the church.  This ministry is responsible for ensuring that all new members attend new membership classes, while making them aware of the various ministries within the church. This ministry provides effective, quality biblical training and resources to the new member. The focus is to make a lasting positive spiritual impression to assist the new members in becoming "planted" into the mainstream of our church body. 


Transportation Ministry
To serve those in our Church family without transportation with a ride to worship services and other Church functions.


Sunday School Ministry
This ministry empowers Christians of all ages to walk closely with God by studying the Holy Bible and living in obedience to God's Word.   This ministry provides small group Bible study classes that focus on biblical foundations, while fostering meaningful Christian relationships through deeper understanding of Scriptures. 


Pastors Assistant
This is a serving ministry that takes care of the individual needs of the Pastor. 


First Lady Ministry
This is a serving ministry that assists with the support needs of the First Lady.  This ministry also reaches out and supports visiting congregations’ First Ladies while worshiping with our fellowship.  This ministry reaches out to all women in our fellowship.  


Nurses Ministry
The purpose and function of the Nurses' Ministry is to keep watch over the parishioners while in worship service.  The Nurses’ Ministry is an extension of God's healing hands to the people. The Ministry of Nurses’ is a personal representation of Jesus Christ needing the needs of those who are physically ill while worshiping. The nurses serve as watchmen, servants and caregivers.


Drama and Theatre Ministry
This ministry exalts the name of the Lord through artistic drama, theatrical acting, oratorical expressions, singing, and dancing in adoration of Jesus Christ.


Multi-Media/ Audio – Product Distribution Ministry (Audio/CD/DVD)
This ministry provides the church with technical support for all events that require media sound and services. This ministry is an extended arm of our Pastor by spreading the gospel via technology support systems through the aide of distributing audio/video products. Our duplication department distributes product from the worship services held at Revelation Baptist Church. Our goal is to maintain quality and to distribute our products in the Spirit of Excellence and in the same anointing from whence it was received. 


Television Broadcast Ministry 
The purpose of this ministry is to bring worship services into homes across the region through the vehicle of television. This ministry is an extended arm of our Pastor by spreading the gospel via television. This innovative ministry delights in knowing that the Gospel is reaching and changing the lives of many who do not have the opportunity to physically be in our worship services, but can experience the same anointing and blessing of the Lord through visual means.

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